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About Me...

Art has been a intrinsic element in my life as long as I can remember.  As a child I never went anywhere without a sketch book and a pencil.   I loved drawing portraits often using members of my family as models including my brother who also loved drawing... we would take it in turns to draw each other and give criticism (not always constructive!) to each other.  As I got older I became more interested in painting and dabbled with oils and water colours mostly painting still life and landscapes.

In recent years I have moved to using acrylic paint as I enjoy it's versatility and vibrancy of colour and texture. I have explored abstract art with alcohol inks and love using materials to add texture and interest.  I am always inspired by nature and the sea.   I also love photography and often produce photographs in a painterly style... so I'm told! 

I am learning all the time as an artist and sometimes I just sit down with paper and paint and see what happens!  Occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised, other times I've just enjoyed the therapeutic aspect of dabbling in paint and hopefully learnt a thing or two.

I have exhibited my photographs and paintings in various venues across the Wirral and Liverpool and look forward to seeing where my art takes me.

I've got to mention my husband Nick, who always supports and encourages me and never notices the mess!!  I have 2 amazing children and 2 beautiful grandsons.  I am very blessed because of them and... I get to do what I love!

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